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Easing of Restrictions & Updated ECB Guidance for Club Cricket

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You will be aware that lockdown restrictions eased again this week across the country. We have since received and reviewed the updated ECB guidance for club cricket.

There is no change to on field activity and all restrictions / amendments to the game itself are still in place. The main changes relate to off field activities, detailed below:

Indoor hospitality

As per government guidance, indoor hospitality is now permitted. For us, Guildford Kitchen will continue to be our primary hospitality service for food and drink at Woodbridge Road as they have extended the event until mid June.

However, the clubhouse will now be open and in use, in addition to outside seating being available. The rule of 6 / 2 households applies when indoors – outdoors up to 30 people can now meet.

I will provide more detail separately on how Guildford Kitchen will continue to operate and what will be on offer for club members.


Are now allowed and so please do come down to support your team mates, family and friends. You will be able to make use of Guildford Kitchen and the clubhouse, as outlined above.

Please stick to social distancing if attending the ground, as well as government restrictions on numbers, and please use the test and trace QR codes that are up all around the ground.


Are now able to be provided and I am pleased to say that we will be putting on a tea service for home fixtures that would usually have had one. Things will be a little different to the usual buffet service to ensure compliance with restrictions, instructions will be clear on the day.

Please note that it is not compulsory and so it may be for away games that this isn’t the case. Your captions will let you know what will be in place for away games.

Please also note that when teas are on offer match fees will be charged at the pre-COVID rates.

Changing Rooms

Can also now be opened and again we will be doing so at Woodbridge Road. You must ensure that you social distance within them and that use is kept to a minimum. There will be further guidance on things like maximum capacity and routes in / out up at the ground – please do follow this.

Again, it is not compulsory for clubs to do this and so it may be that changing rooms are not open for away fixtures. Please also consider that different clubs will have different size changing rooms etc and so be sure to familiarise yourself with club specific guidance when you arrive – again captains will gather as much information as they can.

Lift sharing

This is now allowed and so feel free to organise lifts to fixtures amongst your team mates. However, please do not feel that you have to do so and if you are not comfortable with this then please speak to your captain about how the club can support you.

All in all, I am sure you will agree that these are really positive steps and will make cricket feel a lot more ‘normal’. However, it is important that as a club we continue to stick to restrictions and guidance in place – both at Woodbridge Road and when away at other grounds.

Please speak to me or your captains should you have any questions and best of luck for the weekend ahead – fingers crossed the weather holds off.

Best regards

Cricket Chairman