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Movember Thank You from Oakleaf & Call for Volunteers to Deliver Xmas Care Packages

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Dear all,

As Movember draws to a close I am delighted to say that we smashed our original target by well over £1,000! The final figure we raised was £2,068.75 which is an incredible amount for such a great cause in our local community. Thank you all for helping us reach our target (and beyond!) and supporting the guys who grew (or attempted to grow) some hair on their top lip.

Jen, from Oakleaf Enterprise sent us this message:

“The £2,068.75 you’ve raised for Movember, including gift aid, is such a massive help to Oakleaf. These donations will fund more than six months of fitness classes for Oakleaf clients, including sessions over Zoom, in-person at Oakleaf, and at our partner gyms such as ActiveZone in Guildford. At Oakleaf we see that people who have suffered from mental illness are often lack the confidence and motivation to engage in physical fitness in mainstream setting, so we create a relaxed atmosphere where people can start to develop their physical fitness at their own pace, in a moderate way. We have also seen that the physical health of many of our clients has deteriorated during the pandemic, coinciding with worsening mental health. These fitness classes are part of our programme of helping clients to increase their confidence, make friends and ultimately rebuild their lives with a stronger sense of wellbeing. A huge thank you and well done to the entire Guildford Cricket Club!”

Another way that the cricket club would like to help Oakleaf is to help deliver Christmas care packages to individuals who may live on their own, or who may just be struggling financially or mentally, during this unsettling period. If we could get just a few volunteers to help distribute these packages that would be a great help to Jen and the team at Oakleaf. If this is something that you would like to get involved with then please get in touch with Olly Birts (07920043789) so that we can get helping as soon as possible.

Let’s help others who are in need!

Best wishes,

Jonny Charles