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News from Woodbridge Road – lockdown edition 7

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Recreational Cricket Activity in Small Groups

It is great news that the ECB recently released a further update regarding small groups being able to take part in limited recreational, outdoor, cricket activity.

In light of this, the GCC Cricket Committee have block booked some net availability so that fully paid up Club Members have the chance to take part in small group activities at Woodbridge Road.

These block bookings have been made for:

  • Monday evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm for the 3rdX1 squad.
  • Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 8.00pm for Women members.
  • Thursday evenings from 5.00pm to 8.00pm for the Senior Men.
  • Friday evenings from 5.00pm to 6.15pm for the Under 12s and Under 13s and from 6.30pm to 7.45pm for the Under 14s and the Under 15s.

Junior members aged 16 and 17 can book to join the senior groups subject to being accompanied by a parent or an adult living in the same household throughout the whole session.

  • Saturday afternoons from 12.00pm – 3.00pm for the 1stXI squad.
  • The younger age groups will be offered slots on Sunday morning from 10.00am to 10.45am for the Under 8s and 9s, and from 10.00am to 10.45 for the Under 10s and Under 11s.

The summary of the ECB guidelines is available to see on the GCC website with links to more detailed information. Please also refer to previous advice given “Controlled access to the cricket nets” also on the Guildford CC website, dated 30th May 2020; all of which is still relevant and must be strictly complied with.


  1. All Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or an adult living in the same household who are asked to stay on site for the duration of the session and to observe social distancing.
  2. You should look to join your booked session 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  3. If you arrive earlier please remain in your car.
  4. At the end of the session you are, politely, asked to leave the ground immediately to facilitate the safe arrival of the next group.

A new booking system has been set up and members are invited to book to take part, in a session, up to 12 hours before the scheduled start time.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Woodbridge Road.

Ashley Giles

Five questions with Ashley Giles

Each week for the remainder of lockdown we’ll be asking one of our top players, past and present, five questions to learn a little bit more about them and their cricketing life. This week is the King of Spain; former England spinner and current Managing Director of England Men’s Cricket, Ashley Giles.

  1. What’s your first cricketing memory?
    My earliest and, in many ways, my fondest memories of cricket are of playing on the village green in Ripley as a young boy. We seemed to spend our whole summers there as a family and I loved it.
  2. Who is the best cricketer you’ve played with?
    I’ve been lucky to have played with some of the very best. Allan Donald was an exceptional bowler and great overseas player at Warwickshire, and with England I feel privileged to have played with so many greats of the game. However, Brian Lara is the best I have ever seen and played with. He has done things that I have never seen any other player do. In fact I have never seen anyone bat as well as he did in 1994, before or since.
  3. Who is the messiest in the dressing room?
    Freddie Flintoff was always the messiest. Kit everywhere apart from in his own bag. I’m surprised he could ever find anything to put on to take the field.
  4. Who’s the biggest badger?
    Neil Carter at Warwickshire is the biggest cricket badger I’ve ever met. Loves his stats, useless facts and always had great knowledge of the regulations. When I was coach at the Bears he was always my go to on playing regulations.
  5. What has been your favourite moment on a cricket field?
    Winning the Ashes at the Oval in 2005 was my best moment on the field. That was a special year with a special group of people, and something I’d dreamt of doing from when I was playing at Ripley and then Guildford as a teenager.

England ‘Flop’ XI since 1995 – results!

Thanks to all those who picked their XI; we can announce that you picked the following ‘Flop’ XI:

  1. Ian Ward
  2. Jason Gallian
  3. Darren Maddy
  4. Usman Afzaal
  5. Chris Adams
  6. Samit Patel
  7. Warren Hegg
  8. Sajid Mahmood
  9. Chris Schofield
  10. Jon Lewis
  11. Jake Ball

With only 493 runs and 26 wickets between them, this team would be unlikely to become world beaters!


The Second Match That Never Was – Nick Gooding

After our amazing, last ball, win in the last round against Blackheath we have been drawn away against The Bank of England Cricket Club Under 11’s at their ground in Roehampton.

For the Ipswich Town Football Club supporting age group manager, son Mike and grandson Ollie this is an iconic venue. Why I can hear you asking? Well this is where England trained during 1996 World Cup campaign which ended up with the 4-2 win, after extra time, against West Germany. You are still asking why? Well this is why. Alf Ramsey the England manager, a former Tottenham Hotspur full back, managed Ipswich Town through promotions from the 3rd Division South to the 2nd Division and onto the Division 1 title in the 1961/62 season (the Premiership in today’s money). They became the only side ever to win Division 1 in their first season in the top flight. His statue stands proudly outside Portman Road near to Bobby Robson’s statue. England two best ever managers were from the Town. Oh and before Manoj jumps in Nottingham Forest although winning Division 1 coming straight up from Division 2 had played in the top flight before.

So back to today. Straight up the A3 – heading for London and a left at the big set of lights just before the Putney/Wandsworth interchange. Surely nothing can go wrong and for once, today, it didn’t.

9-a-side out is out as in the last round. Soham wins the toss and we are bowling. We don’t know anything about our opposition but in practice they look quite handy. Manoj gathers the team around for a, pre-match Brian Howard Clough Esq, briefing with a slight amendment to the great man’s original words. “Lads if the ball was meant to be played in the air God would not have invented grass” – umm I thought that was a football quote but I will go with it.

We go with pace off the ball and it works well with Lorenzo, Ben and Edward each picking up a wicket but they are making steady progress and are 50-3 of 6. Big Nav and Alex come on but we still can’t shift their batters who progress to 80-3 off 10. Last ball of his three over spell Alex takes splits the pair with a great catch by Toby behind the stumps. Josh and Ollie bowl well but we are still shipping runs. Josh then gets two in two and they are 108 -5 of 14. Ben comes back with a wicket maiden and Edward bowls a tidy over that goes for 5. Ollie and Soham finish off the overs with a wicket each and the Bank of England are all out for 120.

The chase is on. Alex and Toby open the batting and start with all guns blazing. The Bank of England bowlers are being hit all over Roehampton faster than money is leaving the Treasury in the furloughing scheme. All good things come to an end (probably in October) and it is the next pair in as our two big hitters are out after sharing a partnership of 50 off nine overs. Lorenzo and Ollie bat well but the run rate is slowing down when Lorenzo is out for a well made 10. 75 – 3 of 12. Josh comes in but unfortunately his Guildford City Rockets F.C partner is bowled and goes back on the lonely walk to the pavilion for 12. Ben joins Josh but again the run out curse strikes and Josh is gone 90-5 of 14. Edward joins Ben and take us to 103 of 16 when double disaster strikes and they both go in consecutive balls. 18 to win of two overs. Nav and Soham in the middle. It’s like having a young Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma at the crease. 12 off the first over and Soham facing the first ball of the last over. The ball is smashed in the air over the leg side boundary for the winning six landing, exactly, on the centre spot of the football pitch where the legends of 1966 trained to give us that wonderful afternoon on the 30th July.

As your elderly age group manager saw the contact with Soham’s bat on that last ball and his beautiful follow through swing he was reminded of, the late great, Kenneth Wolstenholme’s commentary as Geoff Hurst took the pass from, Skipper, Bobby Moore in the last seconds of extra time and smashed it into the top corner of the German net for 4-2 to win The Jules Rimet Trophy. “They think it is all over – it is now”.

Guildford Under 11s are on their way to the next round of the Surrey Cup.

On the way back down the A3 Michael Ball, on Radio 2, was playing Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell’s 1969 chart hit “All I have to do is dream” which is what I would normally do after lunch on a winning Sunday. But not today. By complete coincidence Channel 4 are showing a full re-run of the 1966 World Cup Final at 1.30pm. The programme, which will be hosted by Gabby Logan, will be the first time that the complete match has been shown. I saw some clips and interviews this morning and this definitely not one to miss.


Saturday fitness challenges

We have decided to reduce the regularity of our Saturday fitness challenges now we are beginning to return to some type of normality. The resumption of nets has been excellent, and it has been great to see so many down at the ground!

Plan moving forward:

We will have a monthly club challenge, with everyone encouraged to cover as much distance as they can over Saturday and Sunday towards an overall total, TBC. For example, a previous challenge involved an attempt at a collective 1000km, either on foot or cycling.

This challenge isn’t just for the senior players, and we’d like to welcome juniors, parents, partners and any other family to get involved!

If you’d like more info or to get involved, please contact Olly Birts on 07920 043789.


New Guildford CC Podcast

We are very happy to announce the creation of the Guildford Cricket Club podcast which is now live on Spotify! The aim of this new platform that we have developed, is to allow members to gain a better insight into the lives of other players and volunteers at the cricket club. Finding out their roles at the club either in a playing or volunteering capacity (or even both!), as well as what they get up to in their daily lives outside of Woodbridge Road.

At the moment we are getting to know some of the new arrivals at Guildford and hearing more about their background and why they joined the club. Hopefully you can take away a better understanding of each individual and find out even more as we are only scratching the surface …


Batters vs Bowlers Challenge week 7

This weekend saw another FA-cup style draw, resulting in H2H contests between individual batters & bowlers. The winners from the previous round went up against each other, with the losers competing as well. There were three challenges: a timed 2km run, no. of press-ups in two minutes & a timed plank, with one point awarded to the winning player in each challenge. Results were as follows:

A Parker 3 – 0 R Garcha
T Collins 2 – 1 J McMillan
M Hafiz 0 – 3 O Birts
V Derman 1 – 2 C Green
T Bancroft 3 – 0 J Charles
T Shrives 2 – 1 B Shaw
A Sweet 1 – 2 P Nicholls
F McMillan 3 – 0 M Saunders
B Garrett 3 – 0 C Coombs
T Geffen 1 – 2 C McLean
J Smith 2 – 1 A Appleton
B Hosking 2 – 1 M Short
J Kher 3 – 0 J Pipkin
J Hedges 1 – 2 D Selmes
F Geffen 0 – 3 M Teale
J Greaves 0 – 3 C Teale
T Sadiq 1 – 2 J Crouch
J Bartosh-Short 0 – 3 H McMillan
W White 1 – 2 T Goodman
J Cunningham 1 – 2 J Burrowes
E Charles 2 – 1 A Freeth

Batsmen 32 – 28 Bowlers

Don’t forget – you can keep up to date with the club’s activities on a weekly basis through our Pitchero bulletin.

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