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Guidance for cricket indoors

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The English Cricket Board Guidelines

ECB COVID-19 Guidance for Cricket Indoors

The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practical guidance to venues, coaching providers and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking cricket indoors.

In order to keep cricket going as it moves indoors, there will need to be adaptations in place for all, including venues, coaching providers, players, parents/carers, spectators and officials. Those adaptations relate to activity prior to, during and after cricket activity.

A summary of the adaptations for participants is listed below but please read the full guidance for comprehensive details.

• Enjoy your cricket and enjoy it safely.
• Cricket indoors is different from normal under COVID-19 and different from outdoor cricket under COVID-19, but everything will be explained to you – just follow guidance from your coaching provider or club.
• Individuals should undergo a personal symptom check prior to all activity and not take part if they demonstrate any COVID-19 symptoms.
• You must provide contact details for NHS Test and Trace (this can be supplied when prebooking).
• You should maintain 2 m social distancing at all times.
• Players should minimise handling of the ball in all activity, by limiting contact as it makes its way back to the bowler and using small groups in training.
• No sweat or saliva should be added to the ball at any time.
• Limit the sharing of equipment where possible. Where not possible, practice strict hand hygiene.
• If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact your coaching provider or club.