Guildford CC’s Junior Cricket Section is designed to help Junior players and parents be aware of their responsibilities to each other and to their Club, and to create a culture and atmosphere where these become second nature.

Following the basic principles of the Club Ethos will enable Guildford CC to prosper and ensure it remains a well-respected, professional, successful and enjoyable Cricket Club to be involved with at all times.

The aim of this complaints procedure is to ensure Guildford CC remains a well respected, professional and successful cricket club where Juniors, Parents and Managers alike can enjoy cricket in a culture and atmosphere which is enjoyable.

Guildford CC has never had a need for a policy of this kind and by following the Club Ethos hopefully the need will not arise but we feel the time is right to ensure that all parties (Guildford CC, Team managers, Juniors and parents ) act in a timely manner should any issue arise throughout the season.

It is vital that any issue remains confidential between the parties involved.

Stage 1

  1. Speak to the team manager/coach asap.
  2. Inform by way of courtesy the Junior section Chairman Matthew Finnegan that an issue has arisen and you have communicated with the relevant team manager.

In most cases this should be sufficient to resolve any issues/concerns.

Stage 2

  1. If the issue remains unresolved and you feel communication with the team manager is exhausted then the matter should be escalated in writing to the Junior section chairman where a formal reply/decision will be made.
  2. If either party is still unhappy then a response will be required within 7 days of the above correspondence stating the reasons for any escalation to the next stage.

Stage 3 (Final Stage)

  1. This will involve a meeting/hearing with the Junior Section Chairman and an officer from the adult section where a final decision will be made.