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Guides for Officials, Parent Helpers and Parents in Junior Cricket

There are a number of guides which can be viewed or downloaded from the links in this page that are offered to help officials, parent helpers and parents to support their children’s cricket be that as umpires, scorers or observers.

They are summaries of the Laws of cricket as published by the MCC.

We believe them to be correct at the time of publication but if you spot any errors or, if the Laws evolve, please let us know and we will update them accordingly.

For further reading we recommend Tom Smith’s excellent publication ‘Cricket Umpiring and Scoring’ (ISBN-13 978 0 297 966441 1).

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Pairs Scoring, Scoring Guide, Which Batsman and GCC LBW Guide
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Introduction to Umpiring – 2015

Here are the very latest guides from the ECB – Association of Cricket Officials