Our Vision

To be the best cricket club in Surrey.

Our mission

To promote, organise and foster amateur cricket of the highest standard in the Guildford area. Guildford CC encourages community participation and membership is open to all. Central to our ethos is enjoyment of the game and the development of young cricketers and elite players.

Our Values

All Guildford CC members are expected to agree and adhere to the following values:

  1. Respect
    • Respect the laws, traditions and spirit of cricket.
    • Respect all involved in the game – teammates, opposition, officials, spectators etc.
    • Inclusivity – not discriminating on any basis. 
  1. Professional
    • Committed – disciplined, having a strong work ethic and giving 100% at all times.
    • Responsible – taking responsibility for one’s preparation and performance.
    • Preparation – attending training whenever possible and coming to matches ready to perform:
      • Come to matches with the right mental approach and the right kit.
    • Appearance – look smart when training, warming-up and playing:
      • Wear the club badge with pride.
      • Look the part, play the part. 
  1. Supportive
    • Create a supportive environment where everyone is valued.
    • Support teammates at all times.
    • Support and mentor younger players, helping them to achieve their potential.
    • Ensure all on-field comments are supportive of teammates and build each other up:
      • Be energisers, not energy sappers.
      • “Sledging” in any form will not be tolerated. 
  1. Team
    • Everything is done as a team and for the team:
      • There are no individuals, just one team.
      • Winning and losing is done together, as a team. 
  1. Enjoyment
    • Cricket should be played for enjoyment and both collective and personal successes should be celebrated.
    • Socialise together after matches and/or training and enjoy each other’s company (and that of the opposition).