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Guildford Cricket Club write a club development plan every year which not only meets ECB and Surrey requirements but also acts as a valuable tool to guide the club through the coming year/s in a structured and effective way. Within this plan there are a lot of targets and visions covering 1-5 years in the future and the information below is a synopsis of the club’s latest plan for 2014.

Successes in 2013

1. 4 adult teams playing in their respective Premier Leagues and a 5TH team playing regularly

2. Woodbridge Road hosting Surrey CCC 2nd XI matches

3. U15 Surrey ECB Cup winners for the 3rd year running

4. Record number of juniors represented the Saturday men’s XI during the season

5. Junior success in West Surrey and Two County league competitions

6. Increased new coaches, recruited new volunteers and delivered coaching sessions to local schools

7. Provided junior District and County players for Surrey

8. Winter training facilities provided through strong relationship with RGS and Surrey CCC

9. New outdoor nets fully utilised by all members of the club

10. Cricket Festival - including two first class games and incorporating “Beer Festival”

11. Celebrated GCC’s 75th anniversary

Plans for 2014

1. Increase volunteering at the club

2. Identify a new second ground

3. Continue to provide District and County players for Surrey boys and girls

4. Continue to strengthen relationships with local schools

5. Strive to maintain and exceed minimum player: coach ratios

6. Continue fund raising events – cricket festival, beer festival, raffle etc

Further to these successes and plans, the club is also working towards a 5 year vision:

Five Year Vision

1. Increase participation, club membership, coaching and volunteer roles

2. Pavilion development

3. Install permanent seating

4. Strengthen the structure and pathway for women and girls to actively participate in cricket

5. Maintain and improve the quality of the junior section

6. Further establish our links with Surrey CCC and secure first class cricket at Woodbridge Road

This gives you a flavour of what YOUR CLUB has achieved and what it plans to achieve moving forward. If you would like any more information on the successes and plans, or if you are interested in providing support, please contact

Thanks again for all your support.

GCC Committee

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