How we play the game the Guildford way

  • Do not partake in Sledging the opposition in any game at any time, regardless of how the opposition is behaving
  • We do partake in encouraging our own players and making noise to support our team members
  • We do not question or show dissent to any umpire regardless of the situation, it’s part of the game, learn to accept the good with the bad
  • We respect our opposition, whether we are winning or losing
  • We are equally as gracious in victory as we are in defeat
  • We want to show everyone we enjoy our cricket and be remembered for it

Thank you!


Competition Rules

ECB Cup Rules – u13

2016 U13 Rules

ECB Cup Rules – u15

2016 U15 Rules

West Surrey Youth Cricket League Cup

2016 WSYCL Cup Rules

Two Counties Youth League

2016 Two Counties Youth League Rules

West Surrey League Rules

2016 West Surrey League Rules

Surrey U15 Premier League Rules

2016 Surrey U15 Premier League Rules


Photo of Neil Garrett, Junior Chairman Guildford Cricket Club

Neil Garrett
Junior Chairman
07557 847171