Guildford Cricket Club Junior Section Club Ethos

Guildford CC’s Junior Section Club Ethos is designed to help Junior players and parents be aware of their responsibilities to each other and to their Club, and to create a culture and atmosphere where these become second nature.

Following the basic principles of the Club Ethos will enable Guildford CC to prosper and ensure it remains a well-respected, professional, successful and enjoyable Cricket Club to be involved with at all times.

Junior Players’ Code

  1. Play to enjoy the game of cricket.
  2. Play to win in a competitive but fair manner and within the rules and spirit of cricket.
  3. Respect the authority of the coach or Team Manager and the umpires and their decisions.
  4. Conduct yourself in a manner that Guildford CC can be proud of.
  5. Support your TEAM. Fellow Players may have varying abilities. Cricket is a team game and thrives on a Team Ethos.
  6. Respect the opposition, the game of cricket and appreciate good performances.
  7. Help your Coach by assisting in the setting up and packing up after matches/training.
  8. Learn the basic skills of scoring and umpiring (Under 13’s and above).
  9. To win you first need to know how to lose. What can you and your team do better next time?

Parents’ Code

  1. Recognise and support the valuable contribution of coaches, Team managers, Club officers and umpires. They are all volunteers and give up their time to provide cricket for your children. Assistance is always appreciated.
  2. Remember, children take part in sport for their enjoyment and you should share this with them.
  3. Encourage your child/children to improve by taking advice from the coaches/Team managers.
  4. Respect the judgement of the Team Manager, who selects the team. Factors he will take into account include the need to give all members of the squad opportunities to play and the strength of the opposition. Help the Team Manager by notifying availability for selection as early as possible.
  5. Encourage your child/children to play in a fair manner and within the rules and spirit of cricket.
    Conduct yourself in a manner that Guildford CC can be proud of. Remember children learn best by example.
  6. Support all the efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sport.
  7. To promote Guildford CC’s professional image every effort should be made to ensure your child does not wear other schools or clubs kit for representative matches.
  8. The complaint process is there to support and protect Juniors, parents and managers alike and must be followed.
  9. Endeavour to support Guildford CC in other fund raising activities including the Guildford festival.

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